Oh hey! My name is Corwin Johnson, and I’m an Illustrator with digital tendencies living in St. Paul, Minnesota. I create illustrations that pop, and minimalist logos.  I find satisfaction in life through growing, experiencing, and giving visual life to stories.

     Some of my artistic inspirations come from music, poetry, and food. They each have notes, flavors, and tempo; serving as a reminder to live in the moment, and for people, not things. Whether it’s to a pulsing anthem of a Fair to Midland progressive rock track, the timelessness and tangible color of a William Blake poem, or the spicy/sweet sting of brown sugar and orange from an Old Fashioned with friends. (Parlour on Washington Ave). I strive to be in the moment.

     Line and line quality are my obsessions; As well as shattering objects apart in pristine, surreal fashion. We are more than the sum of our parts, and simultaneously a cook-book style menagerie of molecules. Lovely you.

     If I leave a legacy behind, I want it to be that I cultivated hope in others’ lives, whether taking part in a business venture, or using my art to help someone else manifest a vision they couldn’t on their own.

CONTACT: acrylicskies88@gmail.com