My name is Corwin Johnson, and I’m a traditional Illustrator with digital tendencies living in St. Paul, Minnesota. I create illustrations that pop, and minimalist logos. I believe in doing good work for good work’s sake and don’t consider myself special; in other words, I find satisfaction in life through pushing myself.

Some of my artistic inspirations come from music, poetry, and food. They each have notes, flavors, and tempo; serving as a reminder to find enjoyment in my illustrative work through living optimistically. Whether it’s to a pulsing anthem of a Fair to Midland progressive rock track, the timelessness and tangible color of a William Blake poem, or the spicy/sweet sting of brown sugar and orange from an Old Fashioned (Parlour on Washington Ave.): I strive to be in the moment.

 Line and line quality are my obsessions; I’m always seeking pencils, brushes, and ink nibs that allow me to express thoughtfulness and motion on the page. I have recently started to explore creating form and composition through color, breaking into a painterly mindset when digitally coloring pieces. This interaction of technology and physical being is also of interest to me, and is something I am still learning how to balance every day.

 If I leave a legacy behind, I want it to be that I cultivated hope in others’ lives, whether taking part in a business venture, or using my art to help someone else manifest a vision they couldn’t on their own.

CONTACT: cjohnson@mcad.edu